Ever since I was a child and to this present day I have been inspired by the essence, grace, power, beauty and spirit of the untamed horse. An animal that can be one with the earth, wind, and sky simultaneously ... free to enjoy the power of movement and the moment is a living symbol of the freedom many of us long for. I am compelled to capture on canvas the freedom, power and essential untamed spirit of the horse as homage to such a magnificent animal.

Water color and acrylic paints are my chosen mediums, having a rapid and ephemeral working time - as ephemeral as the passing by of a galloping horse. The paint placed upon a wet canvas flows smoothly allowing for rapid expression.

When viewing a horse as a subject, I visualize the essential gestural lines within the animal that convey its beauty, power, movement and grace. By placing these gestural lines as rapid brush strokes I capture the motion of the horse. When needed I further embellish these strokes as the painting progresses, but always try to retain the initial gestural essence of movement.


Paintings, prints and commissions available upon request. Why not purchase an original painting of your horse for you or your child?

Prices begin at $18 for a matted print and $50 for an original painting . Each print is available in a wide variety of colors, and can be customized to fit your decor.Discount for 10 or more prints. Wholesale prices available.

Contact Deborah Simon at deb_simon@msn.com for availability and price list.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


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Deb Simon